Don D’Auria
Editorial Services

Services & Rates

Developmental Edit

I’ll give your manuscript a thorough and detailed line-by-line edit, addressing issues such as word choice, grammar, punctuation, awkward phrasing, dialogue and sentence structure using Word Track Changes. I’ll also leave comments in the margin as I go, identifying what I see as weaknesses, providing helpful input on how elements could be improved. I’ll note plot holes, timeline and character inconsistencies, pacing, story continuity, and word usage, including repetition.

Following this, I will write a detailed revision letter, outlining areas and aspects of the manuscript that I feel would benefit from revision, rewriting or re-thinking, and offering suggestions as to how to improve them. This could include, among other things, strengthening or developing characters, stronger description, removing unnecessary passages to improve pacing, adding additional scenes to increase drama or impact or correcting continuity errors. Also included in the letter would be more detailed comments about any punctuation, grammar or style issues that I mentioned in my notes in the manuscript.

Revision Letter Only

If you feel your manuscript isn’t yet ready for a detailed line edit and you’re only interested in the “big picture,” I also offer a revision letter only package. This includes a letter, as described above, but without the line edit or comments in the manuscript itself.

Rates for the above two packages

Because each book is different, rates are determined on an individual basis depending on the service required, the length of the manuscript, and the nature of the writing.

For a price quote, please send me the first two chapters of your manuscript, a word count, and a brief synopsis of the book. Please send the material as email attachments in Microsoft Word.

Query Letter and Synopsis Polishing

Over the last twenty-five years I’ve seen literally thousands of query letters and synopses, so I know what will catch an editor’s eye and what will turn him or her off. Your manuscript might be terrific, but it won’t matter if an editor doesn’t read it because he or she couldn’t get past a poor query letter or synopsis. It’s very important that your submission stands out from the rest if you want to make an editor eager to read your manuscript. My Query Letter and Synopsis Polishing service includes a line edit, feedback and advice to make your submission professional, exciting and interesting. (Synopsis up to five double-spaced pages) Rate: $150.