Don D’Auria
Editorial Services


Don D'Auria is responsible for advancing the successful careers of some of the best authors in the field today. He knows his stuff backwards and forwards - what makes the best work tick and what doesn't work at all, and isn't afraid to say so. Beyond that, he was a pleasure to work with. I'd do it again without a moment's hesitation.

Jack Ketchum, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of The Girl Next Door

Nobody can write a perfect story, but Don can help you polish your work until it's as close to perfect as anyone can get. A good editor does more than pick up typos. He helps you see the places in your story that can be better, and then helps you get it there. Working with him was a delight.

Megan Hart, New York Times bestselling author of Little Secrets

I would not have a career without Don D'Auria. That's a fact. Don's patient hand, incredible editing skills, and unparalleled experience in the industry have been invaluable to me. Any writer, regardless of genre or experience level, will benefit enormously from working with Don.

Jonathan Janz, author of Children of the Dark

I've known and worked with Don D'Auria for years now, and he's consistently shown that he knows exactly what makes a manuscript work...and what can make it better. He's a true professional, has traditional New York publishing experience, and is a real pleasure to work with.

Louise Fury, literary agent, the Bent Agency

What makes an editor great? Skill. Craft. Artistry. Empathy. Don D'Auria has an abundance of those qualities. Don was my editor for more than five years. Together, we produced four mystery thrillers. Don exceeds expectations. His attention to detail was profound. His enthusiasm, abundant. He sees beyond detail to nuance. Were I to hire an editor tomorrow, Don would be my first choice.

Vicki Stiefel, author of Chest of Bone

It isn't often that dreams come true, but my getting a chance to work with Don D'Auria was one of those rare instances. Don is a top-level editor and a true collaborator. I owe my career to Don.

Hunter Shea, author of We Are Always Watching

Working with Don D'Auria was both a dream come true, and the pinnacle of my publishing career. Nobody knows a good manuscript - and more importantly, how to make a good manuscript - better than Don. He can always pinpoint the holes in a tale and help find elegant ways out of them to make the story stronger. There's nobody I'd trust with my manuscript and a red pen more than Don!

John Everson, author of the Bram Stoker Award-winning Covenant

Don D'Auria was great to work with. He is an extremely knowledgeable editor and, after reviewing my writing, provided me with a number of recommendations for improvements that significantly elevated the quality of my work. His feedback was clear and easy to understand. I can't recommend him enough.

Michael Groenendyk, author of Nobody’s Squaw